Partner speaks out after 72-year-old woman struck by gunfire during shootout

Family members speak out after 72-year-old, Glenna Mills, was shot near a 7/11 Monday afternoon. (Courtesy: Randy Mengers)

New pictures have been released to help track down suspects who sent bullets flying Monday afternoon at a metro 7-Eleven. One of those bullets, hit an innocent elderly bystander.

Randy Mengers told FOX 25 the shooting happened so fast. He heard 10 to 15 gunshots, but what he didn't realize was a single bullet went through the windshield of his partner’s, Glenna Mills, car.

“Just surreal that something like that would happen,” Mengers said.

Surreal that Randy Mengers' partner, 72-year-old Glenna Mills, was shot Monday afternoon.

“I couldn't tell where they were coming from. I thought possibly this individual I saw running had robbed a 7-Eleven,” Mengers said.

But that suspect he saw running didn't. Police said it all started from an argument that escalated into a shooting.

“There were two individuals inside the 7-Eleven when they were involved in some type of altercation with two additional individuals. This altercation spilled out into the parking lot, which eventually for unknown reasons lead to a shooting,” said OCPD Officer Megan Morgan.

“What's going on? I mean it's crazy. In the middle of the afternoon,” Mengers said.

Mengers said he was driving behind Mills after they had just gotten her tires fixed. He said he had no idea a single bullet went through her windshield and she was hit.

“Grazed her right side temple and above her ear. They had to do stitches on the right side of her head. And then of course glass fragments on the right cheek,” Mengers said.

Mengers said his partner almost lost her life over an argument.

“I think she, after hearing the glass break probably, flinched or could have hit her right square in the head from the position of the hole in the windshield,” Mengers said. “It's just amazing, just a miracle.”

Thankful this shooting didn't go in a different direction, Mengers still wants justice.

“Turn yourself in.” Mengers said.

Police say Glenna Mills' injuries are non-life threatening and is expected to survive. Family members and police are hoping you'll be able to identify the suspects involved in yesterday's shooting. Police say a total of four suspects, and a white Cadillac were involved in the shooting.

Family members say Glenna Mills is expected to stay in the hospital a couple more days.

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