Owner of dogs charged in fatal mauling of metro woman

Police investigate the scene of a fatal dog attack April 6 in northwest Oklahoma City. (KOKH/Jordann Lucero)

Court records show the owner of two dogs who attacked and killed a metro woman has been charged with manslaughter.

Antwon Demetris Burks, 31, was charged May 10 with second degree manslaughter in connection to the April 6 death of Cecille Short. Short, 82, was killed after being attacked by two dogs while walking her own dog in the 8500 block of Willow Creek Road.

Responding officers shot and killed one of the dogs and hit another with their vehicle when they would not allow officers close to Short's body. Short's dog was also killed in the attack.

Police later learned that the dogs belonged to Burks, who lives just one block east of where the attack occurred. While investigating Burks' home, police found a large hole in the south side of a backyard fence. Officers noted that the hole appeared to be old and that a old wood, a recycling container and an ice chest were placed in front of it to block the dogs from getting out.

Witnesses told police that they had witnesses the two dogs running loose in the neighborhood on several occasions. Burks has not been booked into the Oklahoma County Jail at this time.

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