Organizer of controversial NYE party defends his actions and declines refunds

The organizer of a New Years Eve party, that has hundreds demanding refunds, is sharing his side of the story.

He tells FOX 25 he is not a scam artist despite the claims against him.

Monday, FOX 25 was the first to introduce you to several people who attended the New Years Eve Party. They were just some of many attendees that sounded off on the events facebook page asking for their money back. After our report aired, the organizer responded to our request for comment.

"Me and my friends who went to the event expected that but it was the complete opposite," said Gary Nguyen, who attended Saturday night's party.

"I feel like people were completely taken advantage of. I feel like it was completely false advertising," added Sara Buzzetto, who was also at the party.

Austin Smith is the organizer of the party. He wanted to set the record straight after being blasted on social media following the party he threw at the Devon Boathouse on New Years Eve. Those who attended used words like "Scam Artist" to describe Smith. They are demanding refunds after paying $80 to attend.

The party advertised an open bar, free food, party favors, a DJ, and a view of a fireworks show through a floor to ceiling window.

But, those who attended tell FOX 25 they waited nearly an hour just to get inside the party. Then they were only met with more lines.

"You go in one line you finally get inside and there's a huge line for the entire night," Buzzetto said.

"It's New Year's Eve all of this is now becoming subjective. What is waiting on New Year's Eve," said Smith.

Smith says the venue only allowed 300 people, and denies claims that he over-sold the party. He tells FOX 25 he hired four bartenders based on recommendation.

"There was never any malice of ill intention going forward to not have the correct amount of bartenders, I'm not a bartender. I'm only going based on what this professional company recommended," Smith said.

People who attended the event claim that the food was not what you would expect for an $80 ticket price.

"They said there was only nachos or meatballs okay they can say whatever I could care less but I know my intentions with throwing this event," Smith said.

Smith showed FOX 25 the receipts for the event, and admits to making a profit. He also says he is not offering any refunds.

"Am I sorry that the event went off the way it did? Yes. But that was not my, like I'm seeing scam, they feel scammed out of their money, I'm this I'm that that's not me," Smith said.

While Smith says he will not offer refunds he also says those with concerns can contact him. Many on the event page are threatening legal action.

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