Oklahomans take to the streets to protest Dakota Access Pipelines

Oklahomans take to the streets to protest DAPL Saturday March 11, 2017.

Protests against construction of the Dakota Access Pipelines have spread across the country. Saturday, a few hundred people took to the streets in Oklahoma to keep the march going.

Despite Saturday’s rain, a few hundred people showed up in downtown Oklahoma City in reference to the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. Organizers tell Fox 25 if those pipelines were to break, it would destroy their drinking water.

“We're trying to support our brothers and sisters from all over the United States,” said OKC Pow-Wow Club, Tom Morgan.

The message Saturday was to support Native Americans to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipelines. Saturday's peaceful march took place in downtown Oklahoma City, where organizers say the construction would affect Oklahomans.

“One of those pipelines would break, it would destroy the water, the drinking water,” Morgan said. “It just wouldn't be good for the state of Oklahoma.”

Protesters marched to the Oklahoma City Civic Center. A majority of the marchers were members of Native American tribes who are against oil pipelines and the possibility of them contaminating groundwater, but others like Black Lives Matter leaders, showed their support as well.

“This is important. This is an inter-sectional coalition. It should be everyone out here supporting this effort,” said OKC Black Lives Matter leader, Sheri Dickerson.

Organizers say events like this help spread awareness about Native American rights and what they stand for.

“We were here first and we're still here and we're going to be here tomorrow, Native Americans,” Morgan said.

Saturday's message was to remind Oklahomans not to pollute the earth.

“Oklahoma is the, we're the hub now for earthquakes and we have all of the pipelines here. It's just atrocious,” said Dickerson.

The tribes and supporters said the pipelines threaten their religious rights and water supply.

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