EMSA heat alert continued Saturday, humid temperatures expected to climb back up this week

EMSA heat alert continued Saturday, expected to climb back up later this week. (Shardaa Gray/KOKH)

EMSA's heat alert continues. Temperatures climbed Saturday, making it hot, sticky and dangerous.

Fire crews tell FOX 25 they're expecting to take more heat related emergency calls.

Saturday was no joke when it came to an excessive heat warning in central Oklahoma.

“As you can tell, I'm trying to stay cool, right beside the lake, getting some nice fresh wind coming across the water,” said Oklahoman, Maurice Richardson.

Other's actually cooled off in the water.

“Yea, it's pretty crazy heat for sure, it's like, all of sudden it went from nice and cool to summer, but kiteboarding, that's the way to do it,” said kiteboarder, Daniel Nicholson.

Whether you’re enjoying the breeze from the lake or actually in the water, Oklahoma City firefighters said the number one thing to do is stay hydrated and limit your time outside.

“If you are going to be outside drink a lot of fluids beforehand, drink a lot of fluids while you're doing your activity's and afterwards,” said Oklahoma City firefighter, Ryan Gilmer.

Firefighters said you lose a lot more fluids than you think you would, saying your body starts to go in a form of shock. Firefighters said there's three stages to a heat stroke.

“The first stage, we consider that heat cramps,” Gilmer said. “And when you go into heat cramps, it's the normal thing you feel when you're running. It's cramping on your sides and on your back.”

Next, they said you'll sweat more with possibly red hot skin, but you're not completely out of it.

“Heat stroke level is where you're completely disoriented, sometimes unconscious, your body's lost all ability to shed that water,” said Gilmer.

And then that's where firefighters step in, using unique methods to cool people down.

“We always pack the armpits, the groin and the neck. And that cools people faster than just splashing water on them,” Gilmer said.

Firefighters also said if you’re at home or close to a convenience store, bags of ice with a towel will work too. They say that will cool you down gradually. But remember to stay out of the heat at peak hours. And if you must be outside, keep water with you.

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