Oklahoma politicians applaud Pruitt's EPA head confirmation

Oklahoma's leaders and politicians are speaking out following the confirmation of Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the EPA.

Pruitt was confirmed Feb. 17 with a 52-46 vote as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Congressman Steve Russell said he couldn't think of a better person for the job.

"The rest of the country is about to learn what we in Oklahoma have known for a long time. Administrator Scott Pruitt is a leader with tremendous knowledge and appreciation for the Constitution, as well as a great understanding of the role federal regulations play on our government and its people. With his knowledge and experience working with environmental and regulatory issues, I have the utmost confidence that Administrator Pruitt will not burden America’s businesses with unnecessary regulations, and he will certainly return the EPA back to an agency that seeks to improve our environment without harming our economy.” Russell said.

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Senator James Lankford, who voted to confirm Pruitt, said that Pruitt will be an outstanding administrator of the EPA.

"Rather than twist environmental laws to invent new powers for the EPA, Scott will enforce existing law and ensure that we protect the environment, and also protect family budgets. The federal government must improve efficiencies across agencies, especially the agency that ensures clean air, clean drinking water, and a healthy environment." Lankford said.

Representative Tom Cole called Pruitt a "steady, even handed public servant".

"I know he will find the right balance between protecting our environment while also respecting the rights of property owners, state governments and businesses," Cole said.

Congressman Jim Bridenstine also applauded the confirmation.

“President Obama turned the EPA into one of the most vilified agencies in the ‘swamp’ of over-reaching government. As EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt will bring a rational, constitutional, and federalist perspective to environmental stewardship. He knows the value of preserving our air, water, and land as well as the impact that regulations have had on jobs and people." Bridenstine said.

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