Oklahoma Department of Corrections investigates after hidden camera video

The water tower at the Lexington Assessment and Reception Center. (KOKH/file)

Videos were recently made public online by a former Oklahoma Department of Corrections employee. The department says they are hidden camera shots taken at the Lexington Assessment and Reception Center or LARC.

The videos are in three parts: video 1 of 3, video 2 of 3, video 3 of 3, all posted to Youtube.

"Our records show that the former employee resigned from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in December of 2016 and the video was posted in April of 2017," DOC Director Joe M. Allbaugh said in a statement.

The videos seem to show conversations between supervisors and employees, between coworkers, and some conversations with inmates.

"While much of the language on video was unprofessional, and crude by employees who were unaware they were being videotaped, there were comments on the videos that prompted an internal investigation by the ODOC.

"I want to be very clear, this type of behavior and expression of opinion is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. After watching the video a LARC supervisor has been suspended pending further investigation. The ongoing investigation at LARC surrounding this incident will be organized through our Office of Inspector General. I have visited most of our facilities throughout the state and I can say that what was captured on this video does not reflect the many hardworking, and respectful employees at the department," Allbaugh said.

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