OCPD: Police sergeant arrested for domestic abuse, charges dropped against wife

OCPD Sgt. Donald Brewer was arrested Friday, June 30,2017 on a domestic abuse charge. (Oklahoma County Jail)

The Oklahoma City Police Department has released additional information on a domestic abuse case involving two of their officers.

The incident was on June 6th when officers were called to the home of OCPD Officer Kristi Cox-Brewer, 28. At that time Cox-Brewer was arrested on complaints of misdemeanor domestic abuse in the presence of a minor and domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, those charges have been dropped.

Detectives of the Domestic Abuse Unit continued the investigation into the incident and found evidence that lead them to believe the aggressor was actually Cox-Brewer's husband Sgt. Donald Brewer, 44. The evidence was presented to the Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office on Friday, June 30th. The district attorney accepted the charges against Sgt. Brewer and he was arrested Friday night, after a warrant was obtained.

Donald Brewer, an 18-year veteran of the OCPD, is currently in the Oklahoma County Jail facing a charge of domestic abuse by strangulation, a bail amount has not been set. Brewer had been on administrative leave since the original incident.

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