'How many times do they ever catch a guy like that?' Police make arrest in 2013 murder

Robert Hashagen, 53, was arrested on Tuesday, Feb. 28 in connection to the 2013 murder of Evelyn Goodall. (Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office)

Oklahoma City police have made an arrest in a four-year old homicide case.

Police say 53-year-old Robert Leon Hashagen was taken into custody on Tuesday and charged in the 2013 killing of 94-year-old Evelyn Goodall.

FOX 25 talked to Goodall's niece, Easter Gower.

"It was just a terrible thing to kill a poor old lady that was 94-years-old and lived a good life by herself," Gower said.

Officials say Hashagen was picked up by members of the Oklahoma City Police Gangs Unit and the U.S. Marshals at a home in the 1600 block of SW 33rd St.

"DNA evidence was eventually obtained and we received a hit on him recently, which also led us to his whereabouts yesterday," said Oklahoma City Police Msgt. Gary Knight.

Gower said she was thrilled after hearing about Hashagen's arrest.

"I was very excited that they found him because I didn't think they ever would really. How many times do they ever catch a guy like that?" Gower said.

On July 5, 2013, officers responded to a welfare check at a home in the 3500 block of NW 20th St. Arriving officers located Goodall who had been assaulted. She was taken to Baptist Hospital where she later died of her injuries.

Court documents show Hashagen bolted through her back door, distracted her by throwing powder in her direction and violently assaulted her. Then duct taped her arms and legs. He then placed furniture on top of her to detain Goodall. Court documents said Hashagen lived two doors east of her.

"To think he lived in her neighborhood, pretty scary," Gower said.

Goodall was burglarized and assaulted in her home 2010. Court documents said the suspect fought Evelyn, choked her and hit her with his hands and sticks, causing her to go to the hospital.

"Somebody broke into her house two or three times anyway and it probably was him," Gower said. "Probably was him, same guy probably."

Court documents also show Hashagen was a CLEET certified police officer. He worked for Valley Brook Police Department, Meeker Police Department and OU Hospital Police. In both break-ins, the suspect used water and bleach to try and wash away evidence of the crime.

Gower said although she lost a family member, she's found peace.

"You have to forgive people," Gower said. "It's pretty hard sometimes, but I wouldn't want the death penalty for him."

In court documents, Hashagen admitted to previous felony charges of possession of meth, larceny of automobile and possession of a firearm after a former conviction, but denied killing Goodall. He's been booked into the Oklahoma County Jail for the charge of first degree murder.

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