OKCPD arrests 3 after armed carjacking, pursuit


Oklahoma City police say three people are in custody following a carjacking and chase.

Police say shortly before 11 p.m. Wednesday, a woman was robbed at gunpoint and carjacked at an apartment complex on Lyrewood Lane. Warr Acres police were able to catch up with the stolen vehicle at tried to initiate a traffic stop when the driver took off.

A short time into the pursuit, one suspect jumped out of the car near Deaconess Hospital. The other two individuals continued driving a short distance and eventually abandoned the car, and a stolen gun, near NW 58th and Sapulpa.

One suspect was immediately taken into custody, while the other two evaded officers for hours.

Around 3 a.m. Thursday, officers found one of the suspects hiding inside a home and took him into custody in the backyard.

"Makes you kind of wonder. You see these things happen and you think it'll never happen to you, but you never know when you're turn's coming up," said homeowner Jack Clouse.

Jack told FOX 25 he was home, sleeping, when the suspect broke into his place.

"I woke up about one and there was a helicopter flying over and I saw one police car and I couldn't figure out what was going on," Clouse said.

Police reports show one of the teens was hiding in Clouse's kitchen, trying to get away from police.

"The officer went running through the house," Clouse said. "He saw him go out the back door and he started the chase at that time."

The third suspect was arrested around the same time.

"A third outstanding suspect went back to where he lives, went back to his home where he told his mother what happened. His mother actually called police and said she wanted to turn her son in," said Oklahoma City Police Msgt. Gary Knight.

Clouse said he's just thankful this didn't go in a different direction.

"We've lived here 30 something years and never had anything like it," Clouse said.

Police say all three suspects arrested are juveniles, ages 17, 16 and 15. They face charges of burglary, armed robbery and larceny of a vehicle.

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