Passengers rescued safely from stalled roller coaster at Frontier City

Fire crews work to rescue customers from The Silver Bullet roller coaster May 4 in Oklahoma City. (KOKH)

Firefighters have safely rescued several passengers that were stuck on a stalled roller coaster for over 90 minutes Thursday at Frontier City.

At approximately 11:25 a.m. May 4 emergency crews were called to Frontier City after multiple cars were stuck on the Silver Bullet. Fire crews say 19 people were on the ride when it stalled approximately 83 feet in the air. Frontier City spokesperson Alyssa Baier said the the back half of the ride was in a safe position and park personnel were able to evacuate seven of the riders. Firefighters were then called to evacuate the other 12 customers.

No one has been injured in the incident. Reports from the scene show firefighters putting the customers in harnesses and walking them down a catwalk to the ground. The I-35 service road in front of Frontier City is blocked off as the customers are evacuated. By 1:15 p.m., all of the passengers were safely removed from the ride.

"Guest safety is Frontier City's top priority. As soon as each guest has been evacuated from the Silver Bullet, a thorough investigation into the reason the ride stalled will take place," Baier said.

Baier says that Frontier City and the Oklahoma Department of Labor are conducting an investigation into the roller coaster.

"The Silver Bullet's safety system reacted exactly as it was designed to do in the event that a full cycle cannot take place," Baier said.

Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor Melissa McLawhorn-Houston says The Silver Bullet will be temporarily shut down as they investigate the cause of the incident.

"After a thorough investigation, Oklahoma Department of Labor inspectors will complete a comprehensive inspection of the ride and ensure all safety standards are being met before the ride is operational again," McLawhorn-Houston said.

In June 2016, customers were rescued from the same ride. An inspection following the 2016 incident determined that an "interruption of power triggered the Silver Bullet's computerized safety system feature, causing the train to stop mid-cycle".

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