Mitch visits the OKC Symphony Show House

The Oklahoma City Orchestra League's Symphony Show House is open to the public through May 21st. (OKCOL)

There is no doubt that the OKC Philharmonic makes beautiful music. But the Oklahoma City Orchestra League also officers award-winning education programs in the public schools, the libraries and a multitude of other venues.

These projects take plenty of resources and the largest fundraiser the Leauge has is The Symphony Show House project.

The community's support is vital to orchestral music in central Oklahoma. Every Saturday 5 pm - 7 pm during the show house, May 6, 13 and 20th, it's Dessert First Craft Beer and Chocolate Tasting. The event features Anthem Beer, Vanessa House Beer Company, and 42nd Street Candy Company. Fashion by Scintilla and Naifeh Fine Jewelry. Tickets are only $25.

For more information on the Oklahoma City Orchestra League's Symphony Show House, visit

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