OKC musician and comedian dies after wrestling event


An Oklahoma City musician, comedian and performer has died after being critically injured in an unlicensed wrestling match on Sunday.

Family members say Will Ogletree showed no brain activity after the injury sustained at the wrestling event at The Blue Note. His family said they made the decision to remove him from life support in order to fulfil his final wish to be an organ donor.

“He’s an amazing individual, a very talented musician, a very funny comedian,” said local comedian Spencer Hicks about Ogletree.

“Anywhere there was something fun to do Will Ogletree was not far behind,” Aaron Wilder told FOX 25. “You had to find out from people exactly what avenue they knew Will from if it was from comedy or music the ACM community.”

“It would have been nice if Will had ever said a single mean thing to a single person cause then at least it wouldn't seem so unfair,” said friend and roommate Alex Sanchez. “He knew somebody everywhere. He touched more lives than I’ll probably ever know.”

“Will always remembered those things the things that made you happy,” Wilder recalled of his friend.

His comedy routines often focused on finding the extraordinary in the ordinary elements of life Wilder said.

Hicks said one of his favorite parts of Ogletree’s act was about professional wrestling. “That's where his passion was,” Hicks told FOX 25, “He was into that kind of stuff and just had a bad fall and it changed everything.”

Ogletree’s friends said they only learned at the hospital that he was an organ donor. While losing him is a great loss, the idea that his life will save others is comforting to those who knew him.

“I hadn't thought about it, but of course will would be an organ donor,” Sanchez said.

“I believe that will would have given his kidneys, both of them to anyone who would have asked for them,” Wilder said.

“I'm sure that whoever gets his organs will be not just healthier but better people because they'll carry some of his spirit,” Sanchez said.

An investigation into the wrestling match that caused his injury is ongoing by the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission. The commission said it will request a criminal investigation by the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office.

“He was the best of us,” Sanchez said, “Of any comedian any scene...he was better than all of us.”

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