OKC: City granting building permits in area likely to be bought out by OTA

Map of proposed Southwest Kilpatrick Turnpike (Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, KOKH)

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority says it's doing everything it can to avoid homes and property with its Southwest Kilpatrick Expansion.

"Obviously, whenever you build a new roadway like this, you're going to affect some people," spokesman Jack Damrill said.

The Southwest Kilpatrick Expansion would stretch about seven miles, connecting Interstate 40 with Airport Road. Looking at the preliminary map, you can see where in several spots it weaves around schools, businesses and neighborhoods, but not everywhere.

On the southern edge of the Brighton Pointe neighborhood, near Southwest 44th and Council Road, the preliminary map shows the Southwest Kilpatrick Expansion clipping a new development.

"We've been tasked to build a road and we have to buy right of way," Damrill said. "We just try to limit the amount of people we affect."

There are a few homes in the area, being built by Rausch Coleman Homes, that look to be in the path. The area includes about a dozen lots - partially finished homes, available and sold property.

Fox 25 asked the city about why its allowing someone to build in an area that will likely be bought out in the near future.

"We know people are requesting permits in the area, but we're not sure why," spokeswoman Kristy Yager said. "They know the Turnpike is going through."

Yager says it can warn the builders, but legally, it can't deny the permits.

"The city is required to provide the permit requested when the property is theirs and it's able to be developed."

Fox 25 left several messages for Rausch Coleman Homes, but they weren't returned.

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority expects to have a finalized route by the end of this month, which would be followed by a public meeting. Construction likely wouldn't start until the end of 2017.

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