Numerous items stolen from foster care organization

Items used for foster care children were stolen from Luggage With Love Saturday morning.

Clothes and other items used to foster children vanished from a non-profit organization Saturday morning.

Luggage With Love, based out of Norman said the majority of their items store in Shawnee was stolen Saturday morning.

Bibles, blankets, shoes and more are all gone. Luggage With Love owner, Marcie Carrico, told FOX 25 she couldn't believe her eyes when she opened this storage unit.

“I started crying. We work really hard to serve Oklahoma's foster children, especially to serve children in this area,” Carrico said. “This was our first expansion here in Pott County.”

Luggage With Love provides basic needs for newly-placed foster children, including the foster families.

“They go into a new home with people they don't know and they don't have anything that's there's or anything that fits; anything that's comforting to them,” said Carrico. “So we bring them a blanket and clothing and undergarments. Things they wouldn't want to ask a stranger for.”

But now, those items have vanished. Carrico said Saturday morning, one of her employees noticed there was a different lock on the storage unit. This area was filled with items worth $5,000 to $6,000. She estimates they lost more than $4,000 worth of materials.

“My whole family does this, along with several hundred volunteers have built this thing for two years from the ground up,” said Carrico. “We've pour our heart and soul into it so that we can serve these children and it means everything to have it back.”

Even though she's out thousands of dollars and has to make ends meet, Carrico still has a heart for whoever stole from her.

“If they needed it, I hope that they can use it. I hope it's not just going to make money or I don't know. I don't know who would steal clothes,” said the owner.

This organization as well as the Shawnee Police Department need your help in tracking down these suspects. If you have any idea who did this, call Shawnee Police at 405-273-2121.

Carrico said it cost to rebuild. If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so through their Shawnee Fund.

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