Northwest OK Complex Fire 80% Contained

Fires that have been burning in northwest Oklahoma and Kansas for the past week are now considered to be about 80 % contained. More than 300,00 acres have burned in Oklahoma alone. (File/KOKH)

Nearly 800,000 acres have burned in Oklahoma and Kansas. Four fires, are just 80% contained more than a week after they started. FOX 25 has also learned that the Northwest Oklahoma Complex Fire is estimated to cost at least $2.1 million.

Vast acreage of range land was destroyed, killing thousands of livestock, and destroying at least eight homes in Oklahoma. That's according to the Oklahoma Forestry Services. Now that the fire is nearly under control the forecast for Thursday and Friday may change that.

"We're really concerned about the humidity levels we're going to have Thursday through Friday. Saturday is going to give us a little bit of a break and then Sunday we're going to be back down to elevated fire danger so just be aware that Thursday and Friday we are going to be reaching elevated fire danger and we need the public's help in making sure that we prevent as many wild fires as we can," Sarah Gracey, with the Oklahoma Forestry Services said.

According to the latest situation report, minimal smoldering was observed inside the fires and firefighters made good progress to contain them. More than 20,000 bails of hay have been donated to held feed that cattle that are still left.

Firefighters will continue to patrol all four fires, mop up hot spots, and improve containment lines. Crews will be on call to respond to new fires.

Wednesday, Senator James Lankford took the floor in the U.S. Senate, describing the dire situation.

"We have families that have lost absolutely everything. We have volunteer fire fighters across much of this area that would literally be fighting a fire in one county and in one area and hear on the radio about how a fire has broken out in another county at a road right near their own home," he said.

Many county burn bans remain in effect. You're encouraged to check the status of where you live here:

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