New Seminole High School up for a third vote

Seminole High School

People in Seminole are being asked to consider another bond proposal that would pay for a new high school.

Two other bonds have failed to pass a vote over the past two years.

This proposal would mean a $21.6 million bond to pay for a new campus to go up near Seminole State College.

Currently, students attend class in a temporary building a couple of blocks from the old building.

The old building, dating back to the 1920's, has been deemed structurally deficient.

Tuesday, was the first public forum on the issue before the September 12 vote.

"I hope third time is the charm and I think the community will respond," superintendent Alfred Gaches said. "Anyone familiar with Seminole is familiar with some of the struggle we've had."

He said they have seen pushback with the new proposal. He said that's to be expected anytime someone proposes a tax-increase.

Proponents at the public forum said Seminole has the lowest property rates in three counties. Still, under the plan people paying $1,000 in property tax a year would see an increase to about $1,360.

There has also been a lot of concern about the fate of the old, historic campus building. Gaches said it would not be demolished but would be re-purposed.

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