New bill would make divorce harder to get in Oklahoma

A proposed bill could make it harder for couples to get a divorce in Oklahoma.

If a couple is filing for divorce, there are a couple of reasons they can list on the paperwork of why they are requesting a divorce, including adultery and habitual drunkenness to name a few.

HB 1277 tackles the “incompatibility” option. Under the proposed bill, a divorce will not be granted under that option if the couple has kids under the age of 18, has been married for 10 years or if one spouse objects.

House Rep. Travis Dunlap introduced the bill. He said he believes the change could help reduce the divorce rate in Oklahoma.

“Do we really want to allow this as a state- or do we want to ensure that children have the best possible means to flourish,” said Dunlap.

However, divorce lawyers said the bill could cause major problems in the courtroom.

“I can’t imagine if 1277 passes and these no-fault divorces become fault divorces. What should be a two-day trial in Tulsa becomes a four-day trial,” said Matt Ingham.

Dunlap said he is open to suggestions. To contact him, click here.

The bill will be heard Feb. 6.

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