More than a dozen ducks mysteriously die at Bethany pond

This is one of the ducks that neighbor Denise Parr found dead near the Bethany Library Pond. (Denise Parr)

More than a dozen ducks mysteriously found dead near the Bethany Library Pond. This is the second time in the last year that ducks have died in mass in that area.

"When they come home to die, that's very very difficult,” neighbor Denise Parr said.

40 years of living next door to the Bethany Library Pond, Denise Parr says she has never seen something as horrific as what's unfolded on her doorstep over the last 4 days.

"Each one of them is so different and they're so sweet, and they're so innocent and they're so helpless. For them to be dying like this, for that to be quite possibly because of people you know that's just wrong,” Parr said.

Parr has helped feed, raise and take care of the many ducks that have wandered up to her house over the years. She says she was shocked Saturday morning to find two of her very own dead in her driveway.

Since then Parr says she's watched many die slow and painful deaths, she estimates 2 dozen have died total.

"It's so heart wrenching to watch them suffer, and they're suffering horribly. They get this, they get to where they can't walk so they fall down and wherever they land is where they're going to stay for hours,” Parr said.

The City of Bethany confirms they've picked up 10 dead ducks and 2 geese in the area. But what's killing them is a mystery.

"If it were one of the diseases, a lot of those are airborne, they're viral and I have pet ducks in my backyard. And with all of the bodies out here and all of the sick ducks, if it were a disease it would jump that fence,” Parr said.

We're told there have been no signs of injury or trauma to the ducks. The city says there's nothing wrong with the water and Parr says she doesn't believe it's disease. Parr tells us someone has poisoned them.

Now she's hoping whoever did this will be caught.

"Perhaps they might just get a heart and come forward and say yea I know who did it,” Parr said.

City officials say they have no evidence of intentional poisoning at this point. They say it could have been an accidental poisoning which is why they're reminding people not to feed any of the wildlife. But they are also encouraging anyone who sees suspicious activity at the park or who knows what might have happened to call animal welfare or police.

A spokesperson for the City of Bethany says they have no plans to send any of the ducks out for a necropsy to find out exactly why they died. They tell us that can be very expensive and is not in the city's animal welfare budget.

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