McClain County residents complain about mess left after construction on SH 76

Lloyd Adams' driveway on State Highway 76 in McClain County after construction project. (KOKH/Jennifer Falsetti)

McClain County residents are complaining after they say their properties were left a mess following a construction project on State Highway 76.

The $8 million project was completed early this summer. Now that the road is finished, those who live on it say they're picking up a mess.

"Well they just left this driveway in a mess on the ends. As you can tell on the other one down there they've left the other one in a mess on the ends as well. When you see the ice and the snow and the rain hit it I think it'll be a problem," said resident Lloyd Adams.

Adams tells FOX 25 he complained to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and asked them to come fix his driveway. He tells us they told him "no."

Chester Shepard lives about one mile down the road.

"Just neglect. If I was out doing a job and didn't get it done right," Shepard said.

Shepard showed FOX 25 around his property. His driveway looks similar to Adams'. Shepard says he's still cleaning up his backyard that was damaged as a result of flooding during construction. Despite that, Shepard says it's a ditch left in front of his property that bothers him most.

"All down through here. They put one down there on flatter land, but this? You can't get down in here and mow," Shepard said.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation said in a statement:

"Oklahoma Department of Transportation engineers have previously been in contact with the property owner about this project, which included a bridge replacement and reconstruction of SH-76 to add paved shoulders from SH-19 in Lindsay to near 120th St. in McClain County. This is a major safety improvement for the area and we are very pleased with the work.

Work on this nearly $8 million project began in early 2016 and was completed earlier this summer. The driveways connecting to the highway were modified and in this case, improved from a gravel drive to asphalt. The work was inspected and this paving was done to proper specifications and safety standards. At this time we have not been made aware of any specific issues with the driveway, but are happy to look at it with the property owner."

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