Local woman trying to reach brother near devastating California wildfires

Sharon Thomason's brother lives in Magalia, Calif., and she's worried after not hearing from him in three days. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

A Norman woman is concerned about her brother who she hasn't heard from in three days amidst the California wildfires.

Monti Thomason lives near the town of Magalia, California. His sister Sharon thought she heard the fires were burning in that town, but we helped her get answers by calling the local sheriff's office in California to check on him. A dispatcher said fires were not burning in Magalia, but in two other towns in the county.

The Butte County Sheriff's Office said it's still going to look for him and then let her know. Thomason said she feels relieved, but it's unusual to not hear from him for this long.

"We stay in pretty close contact because we're so far away," Sharon said. "And we're all we have. Just him and I."

A native of California, Sharon Thomason said fire season there could be unpredictable, which leads her to worry more about her brother.

She said she even had to escape a fast-moving fire in Oklahoma herself.

"I've been trapped in a fire," Sharon said. "I know what that is. I did get a neighbor lady out and we got out okay."

With fires still spreading, she hopes she hears something soon.

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