Local support for those in the path of Hurricane Harvey

Air Force jets that are based in Texas are at Tinker Air Force base for safety during Hurricane Harvey. (KOKH/Shardaa Gray)

Because of the expected heavy rain and wind from Hurricane Harvey, Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Koran has brought his fleet of 12 T1 Jayhawk aircraft to Tinker Air Force base to get out of the conditions.

"That definitely puts the aircraft in hazard with how the structure of the tails are, so to get them to a safe environment when the wind wouldn't be a player," Koran said.

The aircraft are based at Randolph Air Force base outside of San Antonio and used for training instructor pilots.

Tinker was determined to be the safest place that is still close to home.

"It's a great facility," Koran said. "Lots of ramp space and it fit what we needed to do for today."

Koran said they do have a plan for this kind of weather but it can change fast.

"Plans are good until you have to execute it and then you kind of go with what you do best," he said. "We all come from a math community, mobility air forces that this is what we do. We adapt, we figure out where to go, what's the best."

Elsewhere across the metro, the Red Cross is preparing to go to work across southern Texas as well. Mary Jane Coffman with the Red Cross said 18 volunteers have already left.

"We also have people that have gone to help with that sheltering piece who have expertise with helping taking care people when they aren't in their homes," Coffman said.

It's all part of Oklahomans being there when they're needed.

"We do have people that come to our state and others looking for a place to stay," Coffman said. "If that's the case, we will connect with people who have been displaced."

The Red Cross said they have a need for volunteers if they are interested in helping.

Koran said he's going to stay in close touch with his family to make sure they're OK and get ready to return once the weather clears.

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