Local disaster relief crews headed to Texas to help rescuers

Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief heads down to Texas to help rescuers. 

A lot of Oklahomans have stepped up to the plate to help with water rescues due to Tropical Storm Harvey. Some have already witnessed the devastation, and another organization, Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief, is headed there to give relief to those rescuers.

“Father we thank you that we have the privilege of being able to reach people in a difficult time,” said a member of the Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief.

A quick prayer before hitting the road and driving to destruction. BGCO is one of Oklahoma's local organizations that's headed to Texas to help with Tropical Storm Harvey. They're sending a shower trailer to Dallas, bringing relief to people who have been working around the clock, in areas hit hard by Harvey.

“They're going to have a hot shower at the end of their day. That will be a refreshing thing so that they can go to bed and get rest and then get up the next morning and do it again,” said BGCO disaster relief director, Don Williams.

They're working in conjunction with other organizations like the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, which left early Sunday morning. Officials with the nonprofit said they're serving 1,500 meals a day and providing shelter.

“The people being homeless basically, their houses are not being able to fill with flood water; not being livable. Just people that are in situations where they just simply need our help,” said Salvation Army Arkansas/Oklahoma Divisional director, Maj. Ben Lawrence.

While volunteers have an idea of where to report to help victims, BGCO officials said sometimes they don't know where they'll stay.

“We are not first responders, but we're pretty close to first responders,” Williams said. “And we're going into the fight without knowing exactly what's going to happen.”

BGCO officials said most of the time the command center where they'll meet at will let them know where they're staying. Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief team said they're planning to send their feeding unit, which can feed 20,000 meals a day, but they're just waiting for that call to send that down.

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