Local businesses feel impacts of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Local businesses, such as Trochta's Flowers & Garden Center, are feeling the impact left behind by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. (KOKH)

The impacts of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma continue to be felt here in the metro, especially by local businesses.

At Iguana Mexican Grill, hot pink signs taped on the entrance doors warn customers of a $1.50 upcharge on one of the restaurants hottest commodities – guacamole.

Manager Ross Davis says it’s all thanks to Hurricane Harvey.

"What we've seen is definitely an increase in price, as far as produce,” Davis said. “Everything from avocados - that have gone up 60 percent - 80 percent, blood oranges, tomatoes. Just about everything.”

Iguana orders most of its produce from Texas and Mexico. Some of it even comes from Florida. Davis says both storms barreled through the regions’ during peak harvest season.

"Yields are much smaller,” Davis said. “Therefore, there's less, unfortunately, of just about everything. So it impacts us, unfortunately, in a pretty big wary"

The same goes for local florists. Paige Taylor works at Trochta's Flowers & Garden Center.

"Irma has affected our Miami terminals; they're closed down,” Taylor said. “We can't get none of the flowers that we previously ordered."

This is forcing the popular flower shop to look elsewhere. They’ve already called on local wholesalers and some of their west coast buyers. So far, it's been a challenge to wake up and smell the roses. But Taylor says they’ve picked their way through it before, and they'll pick their way through it again.

"We're going to get them,” Taylor said. We may just get them a few days late."

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