Legislator calls for study on viability of new turnpikes in Oklahoma

An Oklahoma legislator is calling for a study into new turnpikes across the state. (KOKH/FILE)

An Oklahoma legislator has called for a study on the viability of new turnpikes in Oklahoma.

State Rep. Lewis Moore issued the call for a study on new turnpikes, the distribution of motor fuel taxes, motor vehicle taxes and ending "cross pledging" of turnpikes.

"I believe we can collect enough money to meet our transportation needs without having to resort to building new turnpikes," Moore said.

The call comes after the state moves forward with a controversial turnpike loop in eastern Oklahoma County.

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"Many Eastern Oklahoma County residents would favor a non-toll road even in the same location. I would like to see that considered, even if it means raising fuel taxes. We'd at least own the roads we are driving on," Moore said.

He went on to say that over $500 million in funds from fuel and motor vehicle collections are diverted from taking care of roads, highways and bridges.

"Money we think is being used to repair, resurface or build roads is spent elsewhere. Our roads and bridges are a core function of government. Having safe roads for families and school kids to drive on is as important as anything else." Moore said.

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