Large earthquake caught on camera at Edmond fire station

A 4.2 magnitude earthquake was caught on camera at an Edmond fire station August 2. (Edmond Fire Department)

A large earthquake Wednesday was caught on camera at an Edmond fire station that is nearby the epicenter.

Firefighters at Edmond Station 5 are just a quarter of a mile from the epicenter of the 4.2 magnitude earthquake that shook Edmond. Video from the station proves it as trees move and the building rattles and shakes. Then, the lights go out.

"We actually had a guy out on the apparatus floor when it hit. He said he could see the roof moving and the lights out there were swaying quite a bit," Edmond Deputy Fire Chief Jon Neely said.

It was Carole King who first sang "I feel the earth move under my feet" and that's exactly what firefighters experienced. They weren't the only ones who felt their heart start to tremble.

"The kids were asleep in here and this shelf...came crashing down with all of these little things and some broken glass," Edmond resident Lacey Flippo said.

Flippo and her two kids are just a mile from the epicenter of the 4.2 magnitude earthquake.

"I was really thankful that this wasn't hanging over the kid's bed because it could have fallen on their heads. Of course it was a scary deal for everybody," Flippo said.

Flippo says her family has gotten used to the earthquakes and don't notice them most of the time. FOX 25 has received no reports of any serious injuries or damages following the 'quakes.

The shaking continued Thursday as several earthquakes were recorded in the area. The largest registered at a 3.3 magnitude.

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