Innovative art piece 'Cloud City' to open at Campbell Art Park

This is the innovative new art exhibit on display thanks to Oklahoma Contemporary. Cloud City will open up to the public on September 8th. (KOKH)

An innovative new art exhibit is creating a lot of buzz in Oklahoma City.

You might notice something strange among the trees as you drive down Broadway.

"The coolest fun house on the planet. Once you get to the top it almost has a tree house sort of feeling,” Oklahoma Contemporary Artistic Director Jeremiah Matthew Davis said.

No it's not an alien spacecraft, or a giant molecule. It's the latest piece of art Oklahoma Contemporary has added to the streets of OKC.

"We've attracted a level of attention I haven't seen before, during installation we had almost 100 people a day coming and asking about it, finding out how they could access it. What is this thing? Is it a building? Is it a sculpture,” Davis said.

It's called Cloud City. Davis says the interactive piece designed by Tomas Saraceno allows people to experience art from many different angles as you climb through the different levels of this masterpiece.

"As you kind of walk through it, it's almost an experience of what the future would be like if you lived in the clouds in a steel structure where you could see everything all around you,” Davis said.

Davis says once displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC; getting Cloud City here to Oklahoma was years in the making.

"Just the logistical process to get it here was pretty involved, we had eight semi trucks with these low trailers so these giant modules would fit under bridges and overpasses,” Davis said.

After a week of assembling, Cloud City is almost ready for you to take a tour. The latest piece of art changing the city scape, and Davis hopes it also changes people's perspectives of art and creativity.

"It's theoretically sophisticated, there's a lot of thought that went into this process, at the same time it's fun, anybody can access it. You don't need a degree in art history to understand what's going on when you walk through here, so it's really fun and accessible for everybody,” Davis said.

Cloud City opens on September 8th. While it will be on display 24/7, you can actually climb through it on Thursday and Friday evenings, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00AM to 6:00PM.

It is free the public.

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