In charity bracket competition, Oklahoma's team is Allied Arts

Brackets for Good competition matches up charities in a fundraising competition. (

Your basketball bracket may already be busted, but there's another bracket competition you can take part in, where there are no losers.

Brackets for Good is a fundraising competition. Non-profits from across the country are competing to make it to the final round. Oklahoma's only "team" in the contest is Allied Arts.

The team that takes the championship, is awarded a $100,000 grant from AT&T.

"Each week the competition, as one might think, gets stronger and stronger. This week we've had a strong showing and we're currently ahead," Allied Arts' Terri Cornett said.

The team has made it through the field of 64 to the round of 16.

"They call it the 'Supported 16,' inspired by the college bracket system," Cornett said.

If Allied Arts can make it to round four, next week, they will be "Engaged 8" (rather than the sports world's "Elite 8”).

Every week, for each dollar donated to each group, they get a point. Friday night, the side with the most points, moves up the bracket.

Maybe without even realizing it, you've probably felt the impact Allied Arts has in the community. It is an umbrella organization partnering and helping to fund arts programs around Oklahoma. Some of the groups it works with, put on big festivals like the Red Dirt Fest or Festival of the Arts. It also partners with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, Lyric Theater, Oklahoma Museum of Art and many other programs.

Cornett said the money raised in the brackets will do a lot of good for all of them, but Allied Arts wants to go all the way.

"We're getting the governor involved and the mayor involved, and it's wonderful to see everyone coming out because we're competitive in Oklahoma and we want to win!" she said.

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