Halloween prank has Lahoma residents outraged

One small community in Garfield County, is gaining national attention after three men were found dressed as the Ku Klux Klan for Halloween. One of those men is the mayor's own husband.

The report that was filed Saturday night by the Garfield County Sheriff's Office outlines what happened that night, and who was involved. Despite the Sheriff telling us the costumes were in poor taste, they tell FOX 25 no laws were broken and no charges were filed.

Lahoma, Oklahoma is a small town with a population of just about 450. It is now trending nationally on Facebook, after three men were caught standing in a field, around a bonfire, all draped in white, allegedly portraying Klan members. One of these men, Cary Sharp, is married to the town's own Mayor, Theresa Sharp.

"There's a lot of negative comments towards myself and my family and our town and quite frankly every time I get on there it makes me sick to my stomach," she tells us.

Theresa Sharp has been mayor of Lahoma for five years now, and married to her husband for 27. She says she's more shocked than anyone to see the town she represents, on the internet, portrayed in a bad light.

"I'm disheartened I'm sad and I'm hurt, I would like to apologize publicly to the community," she says.

The Garfield County Sheriff's Office has also been taking heat, they tell FOX 25 their phone has been ringing off the hook, with people outraged that the three men are not facing any legal charges.

The Sheriff's Office says there were no laws broken, and all men were within their first amendment rights.

"There is not criminal violations. There is no burn ban so it's legal to have a fire. The consumption of alcohol on your own property is not against the law," says Sheriff Jerry Niles.

As far as what's next for Mayor Sharp, she tells us that she has no plans to resign, and that she should not be held responsible for the actions of her husband and his friends.

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