Gas station owner watched on security cameras as girl carjacked after deputy shooting

Vehicle carjacked Tuesday was towed to the Logan County Jail as part of the investigation into a deputy's shooting death. (KOKH/Ben Latham)

Among the crimes Nathan Leforce is accused of, is a carjacking in Coyle. The carjacking was caught on gas station security camera, the store's owner tells FOX 25.

Authorities said Leforce took off in Logan County Deputy David Wade's patrol vehicle after shooting him Tuesday. The cruiser was found at Smitty's One Stop in Coyle.

There, Leforce ditched the cruiser and stole a car from a woman, the store's owner said.

He was watching the security feed Tuesday morning and saw a man park the cruiser on the side of the building, then walk up to a running car and point a gun at one of his regular customers, he said.

"The poor girl was backing up her car and what he did was bang on her window. She kind of opened her window and he stuck a gun through the window," he said.

He said the young woman ran out of her silver Mazda 3 car and let the man take off in it.

He said she is a student and was likely on her way to class when the carjacking happened, saying it was scary to see that all unfold before his eyes, at his store.

"[I'm] lucky to be alive, I guess. He was a crazy guy," he said.

The Mazda was later found abandoned near CR 76 and Jaxton Road. An hours-long search for Leforce started in the area.

Leforce was taken into custody, unharmed, around 2:00 Tuesday afternoon. After he was booked into the Logan County Jail, the Mazda was brought to the sheriff's office as evidence.

Wade died at OU Medical Center from his injuries.

Wade was executing an eviction notice in Mulhall, when he was shot, allegedly by Leforce.

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