Family searching for lost show dogs

Kasper the Siberian Husky receives an award at a dog show. (Courtesy: Todd Eveland)

Two prize dogs have been missing for two weeks. A family who lives near Crescent have been searching for the dogs all this time.

"Each day that goes by, I get more worried that I'll never see them again," said Todd Eveland.

He said his Siberian Huskies dug out of his yard on June 1.

The dogs are some of the best of their breed. Kasper, 1.5-years-old, has been named an American Kennel Club grand champion. Kasper's puppy, 8-month-old Kleo, also escaped the yard.

The dogs are worth tens of thousands of dollars to the Evelands.

"I've spent hours, especially with Kasper, going to dog shows, grooming, training," Eveland said.

The family has posted signs all over Crescent and Logan County with picture of the dogs and information, offering a reward. They've also posted to lost dog forums and contacted all of the animal hospitals in the area.

Eveland is hoping he'll be reunited with the pets, but he's afraid they may be dead because of a strange call he received five days after the dogs went missing.

"The caller ID was blocked and I asked her who she was. She wouldn't tell me and she said 'you need to quit looking for your dogs because they've been shot,'" Eveland said.

He said she would say who shot the dogs or where their remains were.

"We're praying we can find them, hopefully alive, but regardless, I'd like to recover their remains if someone has indeed shot them," he said.

Kasper was supposed to compete at the AKC Oklahoma City Dog Show on June 24.

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