Elk City family rides out tornado sheltered in their bathroom

Alice Failing works to salvage items from her home that was destroyed by a tornado May 16 in Elk City. (KOKH/Shardaa Gray)

An Oklahoma family came out with just scratches after riding out a tornado that destroyed their home.

As a tornado rolled through southeast Elk City late May 16 Justin and Alice Failing took their two children into the bathroom of their home, because they do not have storm shelter.

The two put their children in the bathtub and covered them with a mattress just as the tornado passed over their home, destroying it.

"We kinda laid on top of it, as soon as we saw the wall come out from behind of us...and the ceiling, we just grabbed them and held on as tight as we could," Failing said.

The family was able to make it out of the home with no major injuries. An electrical pole was thrown into the garage of the home and the roof was also torn off.

The Failing's are working Wednesday to salvage anything possible from the wreckage of their home. The storm damaged nearly 100 homes and killed one person in rural Beckham County.

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