Dozens of roads in need of priority repair in Enid


The City of Enid is having trouble keeping their roads safe to drive on. With budget constraints, they're left looking for ways to repair and replace dozens of roadways.

Enid has about 436 miles of streets within its city limits. According to the city, a large percentage of those need work.

"We have dirt roads that are real close to the city limits so Enid is a growing community and like many municipalities it's difficult to keep up with growing pains and infrastructure it's a real challenge," said Steve Kime, a spokesperson for the city.

Kime tells FOX 25 many of the city's roads are about 70-years-old. The Public Works department determined 34 local streets are in need of priority repair but just six of those streets are being proposed for repair this fiscal year. The number that actually get fixed or replaced will depend on how many fit into this years $1.5 million budget.

"When people say 'why don't you spend more on roads?' Well it's up to the city commissioners to determine that amount, and the dollar bill just doesn't go as far as it used to," Kime said.

It's not just repairs the city is concerned about. With aging infrastructure many roads need to be replaced all together.

"We're to the point on some streets that are in such need of repair, it is best not to patch them or repair them but to replace them," Kime said.

The city tells FOX 25 that the roads are still safe for driving. If any residents want to report a problem, they can do so on the city's website.

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