Customers demand refunds after "Bad NYE Party" in OKC

Customers demand refunds after "Bad NYE Party" in OKC (Courtesy: Facebook User)

It wasn't the New Years Celebration some metro party-goers were expecting, and after shelling out hundreds of dollars to attend, some are demanding a refund.

"The way it was advertised was nothing like the way that it actually was," said Sara Buzzetto, who attended Saturday night's party.

The party was advertised on Facebook as all-inclusive. It was $80 per person and $150 per couple. Tickets included an open bar, Hors D'oeuvres, A DJ, and a beautiful view of fireworks to ring in the New Year.

"They were supposed to have a fireworks display that you were supposed to be able to see. They kept advertising the floor to ceiling window so you can see the fireworks go off and we were like 'oh that will be so cool on New Years Eve,'" said Buzzetto.

The party was held at the Devon Boathouse, and the window was not facing the direction of the downtown fireworks, according to attendees.

"The food was nothing more than meatballs and nachos," said Gary Nguyen, who also attended the party Saturday.

On the advertisement, party-goers were told to dress "Fashionably Affluent." But, when they arrived, many told FOX 25 they had to wait in the cold for nearly an hour. Once inside, they were met with long-lines.

"You go in one line you finally get inside and there's a huge line for the entire night," Buzzetto said.

Long lines and small staff numbers led to customers not getting served drinks from the "Open Bar." Some shelled out hundreds of dollars for it.

"The whole mood in the place, everybody was very frustrated and upset and felt they were getting ripped off it wasn't a good atmosphere," Buzzetto said.

"My friends and I rang in the New Years in an Uber ride home," Nguyen added,

Many took to the event's Facebook page Sunday, demanding refunds, only to be met with no response. They tell FOX 25 they feel as though they have been scammed.

"I feel like people were completely taken advantage of. I feel like it was completely false advertising," Buzzetto said.

"To go into New Years Eve looking to start out the new year right, and then to feel kind of scammed like that at the beginning of the year or the end of 2016 starts your year in a bad way," said Kevin Fullingim.

"I feel embarrassed because I hyped it up for my friends. All I really want is just my money back and an apology," Nguyen said.

Party put on the New Years Eve Party. FOX 25 reached out for a comment but have yet to hear back.

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