Construction begins Tuesday on Turner Turnpike expansion project

Construction begins Aug. 8 on a years-long expansion project along the Turner Turnpike. For a 20-mile stretch between Bristow and Tulsa, lanes are being expanded from four to six. (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Major construction kicks off Tuesday on the Turner Turnpike as the lanes are expanded from four to six.

The project focuses on a 20-mile stretch between Bristow and Tulsa. The design also increases shoulder width and adds a new median barrier wall.

According to the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, four lanes should be open throughout the project except when nighttime lane closures are necessary.

The expansion is also creating an urban turnpike corridor with LED lighting spanning the entire 20 miles.

Troopers will provide 24-hour surveillance throughout the project and service vehicles, wreckers and ambulatory services are being stationed at key points along the route.

Detour routes have been identified near Kellyville and Bristow.

The first phase of construction begins Tuesday while other phases are expected this fall.

Project completion is expected in winter 2019.

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