Connect to Congress: Rep. Steve Russell talks N. Korea, Waste Watch

Congressman Steve Russell at the FOX 25 studios August 8, 2017. (KOKH/Ben Latham)

Congressman Steve Russell stopped by the FOX 25 studios Tuesday to discuss North Korea, Trump's recent changes to military policy and his latest Waste Watch report.

On Tuesday, President Trump threatened "fire and fury" against North Korea after reports that the country has produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its missiles.

"It is as dangerous a situation as I have ever seen." Russell said. "We have to get very, very serious about the strengthening of out anti-missile defense."

Russell said he thought the President made the right call when asked about Trump's recent policy change preventing transgender individuals from joining the military.

"Let's not unilaterally make decisions. It was forced on the military last year and this year the President reversed it," Russell said.

The Congressman recently joined Snapchat. He feels that social media has really changed the speed of politics.

"I'm learning. I think it is intriguing...Say a prayer I'll be able to figure it out," Russell said.

Congress is currently out of session. Russell is happy to be home but stressed it isn't a vacation. He'll soon travel to the Middle East to see the damage caused from the post-ISIS conflict.

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