Community Focus: Oklahoma City School District helping students beyond the classroom

Community Focus: Oklahoma City School District helping students beyond the classroom

Oklahoma City Public Schools students represent 52 different languages, with the top two being English and Spanish, and 33 percent of the students classified as English Language Learners.

OKCPS says student success depends on three things-- family, community, and school. The district says it is focusing on building bridges to strengthen these relationships and help students succeed.

There are 600 community partnerships and one of the biggest outreach efforts includes Super Saturdays. The event helps bring families resources and education to help children feel more secure in school.

“It is a way for all of our community partners to come together one day, and bring all these resources to our families,” says Deisy Escalera, OKCPS Community Relations Manager

In addition to helping students work on their schooling in the classroom and at home. There are scholarships accessible to help students succeed after they graduate. Some of these are also a benefit to the district-- which has a need for more bilingual educators.

“There is a lot of help available for students. like I said, even with the Hispanic media we have a couple of scholarships available for students, and actually for students who would like to eventually become a teacher,” Juliana Gutierrez, OKCPS communications specialist.

A student could apply to work with the district upon graduation, then Then, apply for the Bilingual Teacher Pipeline Project, which allows for any bilingual staff in the district who would like to become a teacher to apply for a scholarship, and the Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools would covered all expenses.

Most of the scholarship programs are available to high school students. The Bilingual Teacher Pipeline Project is for any district employee.

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