Cleanup continues after hail storm in Logan County

More damage from Coyle Elementary School. (Jennifer Falsetti/KOKH)

The cleanup continues north of the Metro after hail the size of baseballs fell in some areas Thursday.

Jim Freudenberger and his wife are devastated after losing their nearly 800 acres of wheat in an instant. Jim showed FOX 25 the damage Friday.

His wheat is bent and some of it completely stripped after being pounded with hail. It was two weeks away from being harvested.

"Nearly all of it that was planted was damaged and I don't know exactly how much but I'm willing to guess at least 75% or more," he said.

Less than one mile away the Coyle Elementary and High School are also cleaning up. The school's principal tells FOX 25 the insurance adjusters were out Friday morning to survey extensive damage to both buildings. The metal roofs took a beating when hail fell Thursday. While they don't know exactly how much the cleanup will cost, it could be about $50,000 according to the school's superintendent.

Superintendent Josh Sumrall described the moment the window of a 6th grade classroom blew in.

"It was pretty scary. The window over here we were actually in the classroom when it happened, so the kids kind of panicked when that busted out," he said.

Classes are expected to resume on Monday,

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