Chickasha police: Missing mother was planning to hide children with out-of-state relatives

Destiny Corsaut, 23, was arrested August 3 in Grady County on a complaint of child stealing. (Grady County Jail)

Chickasha police have released more information about what led to a missing mother being arrested.

Destiny Corsaut and her mother Biancia Richardson were both arrested August 3 on charges related to child stealing. The arrest comes 10 days after Corsaut and her three children were found at an Oklahoma City apartment complex.

Corsaut and the children went missing July 3. The children's father reported he tried to pick them up at Corsaut's apartment and found the door open and no one inside. The woman's vehicle, wallet and cell phone were all found in the home. Only the children's car seats were missing. Police released several calls for information in the case and followed leads for 20 days as they searched for the children.

Police say on July 23 the Oklahoma City Police Department received a call from Corsaut stating she and the girls had been kidnapped and were being held against their will at an apartment complex in the area of I-240 and May. Corsaut's alleged captor, Lexxus Rockette was found on scene and detained by police.

An investigation led police to believe that Corsaut and the children were not being held against their will. Rockette told police she wasn't aware that Corsaut and the children were missing until she saw a missing persons report. Rockette confronted Corsaut about the report and then attempted to call police. During the call Corsaut allegedly took Rockette's phone. Corsaut reportedly had Rockette's phone in her possession when she was detained.

Police say that Corsaut had dyed her and the children's hair black and believe that the woman was planning a move. A pre-paid phone was also found in her possession. Records from the phone show she contacted her mother and that Richardson had allegedly given Corsaut contacts for out-of-state family to take the children to.

Corsaut was charged August 4 with maliciously, forcibly or fraudulently taking or enticing away children (child stealing). Richardson has been charged with accessory to felony (child stealing).

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