Building collapses four months after Cushing quake

The Cushing Lions Club building downtown collapsed to pieces in March after suffering damage in the strong November 6 earthquake. (KOKH/Jordann Lucero)

On the corner of Broadway and Central Ave. in Cushing, a store front is down in pieces on the sidewalk. The old building, constructed in the 1920's, was the Cushing Lions Club den. It was heavily damaged in a November earthquake.

The building's condition continued to deteriorate since the November 6th temblor, Lions Club president Lou Griffin said. Last week, it finally gave in.

The 5.0 magnitude earthquake that damaged the building, and dozens more in the area, was the 5th strongest earthquake ever recorded in Oklahoma.

The building will now have to be demolished, Griffin said.

"I don't like to see the buildings come down," said Marilyn Duff, the president of the Downtown Cushing Revitalization Association. "The earthquake has been heartbreaking for everyone in our community and it's just sad that so many people here do not have the funds to jump in and redo their buildings at this point. We're trying to help them in any way that we can."

A few other buildings have already been demolished. Caution tape and barricades mark the others that are dangerously damaged.

Duff, working with her organization and on a city vision planning task force, will help take an inventory of four blocks of downtown to figure out who still needs what after the quake.

"We want to find out if it's for rent, for sale or if there's damage or what's in the building," she said. "So we can use it also in economic development... If we can find a developer or some investor that could come to Cushing and want to help us here, because we're going to bring this town back and get some business here. It just takes a process in doing it at this point."

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