Secret court hearings held in Holtzclaw case

Holtzclaw hangs his head in court. (KOKH/File)

Two days of secret hearings in the public courthouse are raising questions among both supporters and critics of a former police officer convicted of sex crimes.

Daniel Holtzclaw is appealing his more than 200-year sentence after being convicted of multiple counts including rape and sexual battery. Prosecutors said he committed the crimes against women he stopped during his time as an Oklahoma City Police officer.

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In late May, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal appeals sent the case back to district court for a hearing. The Oklahoma Attorney General’s office told FOX 25 it was an evidentiary hearing, but would not elaborate due to a seal placed on the new information by the appellate court.

The hearing was held this week in Oklahoma County District court, but Judge Timothy Henderson refused to say who was present at the two-day hearing in the public courtroom. The judge would also not comment on any of our further questions about the secrecy surrounding the hearings.

The Attorney General’s office says it cannot comment on anything related to the hearings because of the seal placed on the new information by the appellate court.

Hotlzclaw’s court-appointed appellate attorney did not return our calls about the case. FOX 25 previously reported the defense attorneys were not informed about what was going to be discussed at the hearing when it was initially sent back to district court.

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