City of Norman continues effort to keep its copy of Mixon video secret

Sooner running back Joe Mixon spoke with the media Dec. 23, just one week after the release of surveillance video showing him punching a female OU student. (KOKH)

The City of Norman is still fighting to keep its copy of the Joe Mixon video secret.

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While Joe Mixon released two videos showing him punching a young woman in the face, Norman has yet to turn over its copy as ordered by the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals. The city is now asking the court to review its near unanimous opinion calling on the city to release the public record.

The Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters, which FOX 25 is a member of, is suing to get the city’s copy of the video released. The OAB has said that its efforts are not focused on Mixon, rather they are focused on ensuring the public has a right to public records.

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The City of Norman has filed for a petition for rehearing with the court arguing the court should rethink how it defined “arrest.” The city argued that Joe Mixon was never arrested because he voluntarily appeared in court to answer a municipal charge related to the now infamous punch. The city said that despite Mixon being taken to the Cleveland County jail for a mug shot and fingerprints and having to post bond before he was allowed to leave the custody of deputies, he was never arrested.

The justices had previously rejected the city’s argument.

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The OAB has asked the court to order a hearing to determine attorney fees. According to the Open Records Act, which justices have determined Norman violated, the losing side of the case has to pay for the legal costs of the winner.

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