Oklahoma farmer featured in new book

Jennifer Webster discusses her contribution to the book Oola for Women. (KOKH)

A new book featuring an Oklahoma farmer may have some solutions for putting balance into an unbalanced life..

Jennifer Webster is a farmer with Provience Farms, she is surrounded by veggies and farm animals.

But she use to be a self-described workaholic. Webster is one of several authors that have been published in a new book called Oola for Women.

Webster tackled the chapter on fun, "I laughed, I was like you know I have to schedule fun right?" she said.

But that's the point sometimes isn't it. The original book is Oola Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World By Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl.

The new book focuses on women's search of this balance.

"It is practical application, not some crazy outlandish pipe dream." said Webster, "It is real, achievable things that you can do to have a little more balance in your life."

Jennifer Webster's portion of the book shows the Oklahoman's journey into farming and how her life changed when she decided to buy her husband a goat for Christmas.

"Oola" is a state of awesomeness. The books are available for sale on Amazon.

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