Fox 25 Consumer Watch: The most important day of the week

Customers hold the new iPad tablet computer at an Apple store in central in Barcelona, Spain, Friday, May 28, 2010. / AP Photo

A successful work week isn't made on a Monday. A little bit of work on a surprising day will set you up for a win.

Sure, Mondays are tough because you're getting back into the work week, Wednesdays you might find yourself looking at your "hang in there" kitty cat poster, but it's Fridays that are the most important day of the week.

Working hard is great, but working efficiently is better. You know those people with packed schedules who seem like they can do it all? Well, they are probably using their Friday the right way. Instead of forcing yourself to get a little something done at the end of the week, try using it to plan.

"You can see if there are any time conflicts, anything that might pop up, some gaps in your schedule. Also, to see if there are any projects outstanding," says Allison Fife a professional personal assistant with Lifesquire.

Fife says she uses this tip to plan around all of her client’s schedules. She says scheduling time into your Friday to plan the week ahead will get rid of stress, and allow you to free up your weekend.

"You want that time to do the things that you want to do. Do your hobbies, be with your family, travel. You don't want to worry about work," says Fife.

Depending on your job, take between 30 minutes to one hour of your day to plan the following week. Make sure you have general goals written down and assign specific days to complete certain tasks. This last one is a tough one, but in the future you will be happy if you make sure to catch up with all of your emails on Friday. That way nothing will be weighing you down on your weekend.

Since Mondays can be a little jarring, most scheduling experts recommend avoiding scheduling big important meetings early on Monday. You run the risk of forgetting about it, and making a bad impression.

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