Consumer Watch: Vintage market popular with unlikely crowd

Vintage stores taking advantage of growing interest in resale products (KOKH).

When making changes to the look of your home, for some new isn't always better. The resale industry is making a name for itself nationwide. Industry information estimates about $17-billion dollars in revenue, and 13 percent (about $2.2 billion) of that for antique stores alone.

First let's start off with a misconception. Going to an antique store doesn't mean you're buying an antique.

“A true antique is 100 plus years old -- most people now go vintage shopping. Vintage really only has to be 20 plus years, but usually it's more like 70s or 80s,” says Pam Baham, a manager at Decades revisited in Oklahoma City.

Here is another one for you: Though they are both a part of the resale world, vintage shopping isn't the same as thrift shopping, and you'll find out quickly by looking at prices.

Bahan says the mid-century modern style is currently popular, and an original vintage pieces can go for the same or more than a piece of new furniture. Other major styles are farmhouse, industrial, or something with a heavily vintage look. These old pieces are popular again because of some modern innovations.

“Most of the people buying things for their homes now are younger people, and you need to have what they want, and you want them to come back. Pinterest is a good place to start. Anything on Pinterest right now is hot,’ says Bahan

Vintage shopping isn't always expensive. Grasping a one of a kind table or adding a touch of the 1950s flair to a kitchen can be affordable too. With more than 20 antique and vintage stores in the metro staying in business, you have to enjoy the search.

The key for many of these shops has been reaching out to that younger consumer ready to furnish their home. On Friday-- Decades Revisited Vintage Mall is hosting an "as seen on Pinterest” day. Some of the most popular vintage and antique shops in town are focusing on their social media pages to keep up with their growing younger consumer base.

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