Consumer Watch: Spring Break on a budget

It is almost time for spring break, and that little reset has the potential to ease your stresses at work or school, but don't let hefty vacation price tags get you down.

The best deals on big spring break vacations actually happened six months ago, but if you just didn't know or didn't have the money, you can still have a good time. From staycation to unique resort ideas, you can have fun this spring break.

This time of year people are looking for a beach. From college students to families, there are places for you. Here is the thing, just like with any other type of travel it requires thinking ahead, like half a year ahead, for the best deals. If you still want all of that, you may be able to make it work, but travel agent Lia Vincent say it's going to cost you into the thousands.

To save money and vacation, think about what's around you.

"A lot of the last minute people have decided to start driving, so like going to Dustin or even San Antonio is kind of fun. There are some resorts down there and they have like a fake beach, even with sand," said Lia Vincent, Vincent Vacations, Owner.

Oklahoma also has casino resorts that can be a good option if you want to get away at a drivable distance. If gambling isn't for you, some of these resorts have other activities that may interest you. Just make sure to research before paying up.

If you like adventure, Colorado is still in its ski season. Vincent says it is important to think about what you want to do, so you don't over pay.

"Someone that says I don't know, but just wants to just lay around and read a book aren't going to like the places that have tons and tons of activities," says Vincent.

If you are looking for a much shorter type of trip, Tulsa and Dallas are inexpensive alternatives that are close enough for a day trip, if you don't feel like paying for a hotel.

If you live in the Metro, Oklahoma City is a big city with lots of stuff to do. A true in town staycation can be all the relaxation you need. Check out a game, go to the museum, or hit up a fancy restaurant. A little bit of the glamour of a vacation without the cost of travel or hotel.

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