Consumer Watch: New site promises 40 percent on grocery savings

Web grocery service sells all products for $3, including organic products (KOKH).

Organic food for less money than you may be paying now. That's the promise from a company started this summer; it's called Brandless.

It’s another step in direct to consumer e-commerce. Many of the items are organic and everything is three dollars. The savings potential are major, but you still have to shop smart.

We all have our favorite brands. Even when frugality is important, some consumers would be willing to pay a few extra bucks for a brand they like. Brandless is trying to make it cool to go generic. The site launched in mid-July this year, and co-founder and CEO Tina Sharkey says you could save 40 percent on your grocery bill if you shop with them.

“Our entire thesis at Brandless is that better doesn't need to cost more, and everybody deserves it,” says Sharkey.

The company sells some food options, like cooking oils, pastas, and sauces. It expects to continue to offer more products in the next few months.

“By the end of the year we will have over three hundred items, and we will be growing in all areas that people want consumption to make sense,” says Sharkey in an interview with Fox Business.

Other than food options, there are dishes, .kitchen supplies, and cleaning supplies. Again-- everything is three bucks.

Prices for these are cheaper or comparable to what you might find at some big box stores.

Brandless' organic personal hygiene items and vitamins are cheaper at Brandless than many other value stores.

Keep this in mind when it comes to your grocery budget, there are shipping fees, and it will take a few days for the products to get to you.

Right now, there is no fresh produce of meats available at Brandless. You'd still have to get those at your grocery store. Depending on your current shopping habits that might be a savings or it might not. To optimize you money savings, make sure you don't over spend just because an individual product is cheaper.

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