Consumer Watch: Most popular jobs of 2017

Top jobs of 2017

It might sound crazy, but now more than ever, people want to love their job. It would be smart to consider the average salary and stability before committing to a new career.

If you are ready for a new career path or are looking to make your first career decisions in college, dentistry should be at the top of your list. That’s because this career is at the top of US News and World Report’s list of the most popular jobs of 2017. Dentistry is also at the top of many career lists, and that is because of its median salary of $153,000 and a shockingly low unemployment rate of point-one-percent.

Edmund Braly is an oral surgeon and president of the Oklahoma Dental Association, and says the field doesn't have a big burn out factor unlike many other careers in the health field.

"We seem to be able to find a nice balance of lifestyle and science and continuing education and service to others," says Braly.

This next one is not in the top 25 most popular jobs, but it is sitting in the top 100 best jobs list. It’s a patrol officer. The median salary is at about $58,000, and the unemployment rate nationally is at one-percent. Though there are many different types of jobs at a police department, a patrol officer is what many people often think about when they think of police. and can be the main reason officers join the force.

“Without a doubt the most fun you will ever have being a police officer is being out on patrol simply because you get to engage with so many people. I mean you just don't know what the day is going to bring," says Captain Paco Baldarrama.

Many of the jobs on the most popular list do require a college level education, so if you are deciding to make a major career change, that could come with a financial commitment.

The Oklahoma City Police Department is one of the few large police departments in the nation that does not require a college degree. You would have to go through the police academy and compete with people who do choose to get a degree first.

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