Consumer Watch: How social media costs you

Add "Facebook depression" to potential harms linked with social media

Social media has become a big part of our lives, and for some people it is consuming more than time.

The average person spends nearly two hours a day on different social media platforms, and an Oklahoma City social media expert says consumers are giving up more than they know. The main goal of social media platforms is indeed to take up as much of your time as possible.

"Their goal with everything they do, whether it is groups or fan pages or videos, is to keep us on the website as long as possible. That is really what the advertisers are paying for," says Patrick Allmond, social media expert.

However, social media can also take a serious emotional toll on the user, and instead of stepping away, a user may increase their use only making themselves feel worse.

"It can kind of get depressing sometimes when you see all the great things going on while you are sitting at home in your PJs eating a bowl of cereal," says Allmond.

Starting a social media account may be free, but using the accounts can end up costing money. The more you use it, the more likely you may fall for advertising tactics.

"If you shop someplace else on the internet like Amazon for a pair of red shoes, what will happen is you'll hop over to Facebook and see ads for the next couple of months for that exact same item," says Allmond.

Outside of your free time, social media can also cost you your job. From spending too much time on social media on company time, to an ill-advised post about your work or personal life.

Social media experts advise that users be aware of privacy settings on their accounts. However, even if you think you have your account locked down, don't trust that your posts are safe, after all nothing on the internet is truly private.

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