Consumer Watch: Finding the perfect laptop for your budget

Tech experts say there are reliable laptops for a variety of budgets (KOKH.

Back to school for some students means time for a new computer, but it may not be as expensive as you expect. As technology advances computers seem to get more expensive, but an Oklahoma City tech expert says more people should consider skipping the new popular stuff for a more reliable model.

The most popular types of computers students are looking for are small and light. Those are fashionable, but they can also be expensive.

“Some people like the touch ability. They like to be able to touch the screen. Some of the other popular ones are the tablet, the convertible where you can stick the screen into the keyboard and close it up,” says Kevin Henry, computer connection manager.

Henry says he understands the popularity since students will likely need to carry those computers around large amounts of time, but there are still budget friendly options that aren’t especially heavy.

“If shoppers stay in the mid-range, on a regular laptop, between 500 and 900 dollars they are going to get a good laptop. You can spend too much on a laptop, and buy more than you would need,”

However, there is such a thing as going too inexpensive if you are looking for the lap top to last a long time.

“$249, $299, $350 those would typically get you buy for a year or two and then you are going to need another one,” says Henry.

If you are on a tight budget, Henry says consider getting a high end computer that is used. It's also fine to buy something on the cheaper side, just remember the life of the computer may be shorter. Tech experts also say some of those majorly slim computers are difficult to fix in a cost effective way, so the best way to save money no matter what you buy is to take care of it.

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